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Why get COVID vaccinated?



  • As an mRNA vaccinated person, if you catch delta COVID, the chance of you transmitting delta to another person is much reduced compared with a delta infected non-vaccinated person eg


      • The vaccines not only prevent people from getting sick; they also cut down on transmission by those who get infected after immunization

      • “Because many health care workers are now routinely tested for COVID, regardless of whether they have symptoms, much of the early real-world data on vaccine effectiveness in blocking infection has come from this population. In several studies of fully vaccinated health care workers—those more than two weeks past their second dose of either mRNA-based vaccine—the likelihood of having a symptomatic or asymptomatic infection was reduced by 80 to 90 percent, compared with those who were unvaccinated.” (BB: That was pre-Delta)

      • “There has been good news, too, on the subject of viral load in breakthrough cases. Researchers in Israel studied vaccinated people who became infected. The viral load in these breakthrough cases was about three to four times lower than the viral load among infected people who were unvaccinated. Researchers in the U.K. reported a similar result. They also found that vaccinated people who became infected tested positive for about one week less than unvaccinated people. We also now have evidence that infected people with lower viral load spread the virus to fewer people, based on contact-tracing studies in the U.S., India and Spain. This is supported by laboratory research demonstrating that nasal samples from infected people with lower viral load are less likely to contain infectious virus.”

    • 3/9/21

      • “A unique, high resolution study of 23 breakthrough infections (pre-Delta) shows how vaccination reduces transmission, leads to less virus culture positivity, for less days, less shedding, and may be tissue restricted (only found in saliva)”


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