What works for investors?

This page is dedicated to investment strategies work based on my research and experience. This web page will be extended over time as I have time.

Summary of what investment strategies work.

The web page is intended as an extension of a document that I prepared for clients some years ago. http://www.puzzlefinancialadvice.com.au/Puzzle_investment_toolkit_140522.pdf  However, there is no definitive body of investment knowledge.  In the 24 years that I have been advising, the research-proven and accepted-theory of investment (and economic) knowledge has advanced considerably. And there-in is the first key piece of wisdom for investors - you will invariably be investing without 100% knowledge, but everyone is wise after the facts.

Here are a list of strategies that work with significant probability over time. But first, let me emphasise that volatility is part of the journey. If you wish to have no volatility, invariably you will be limiting your medium-term returns - and missing great investment opportunities. http://puzzlefinancialadvice.com.au/Knowledge_base.htm#VolatilityVariability

Another key thing that can be of major benefit to investors, is identifying areas of major risk to your capital. Some of the major danger indicators are:

I will extend this discussion over time. So perhaps next time you visit, there might be more here. I will also expand on some of these points.

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