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2020s Decade of green revolution - Europe

There are a number of pointers that suggest that the 2020, could see a major transition to green renewable energy:

  • Europe has long been a leader towards net zero carbon emissions, and sees the COVID crisis as opportunity to accelerate its transition to renewables.

  • The 2015 Paris climate agreement.

  • December, 2019. The European Green Deal. "President Ursula von der Leyen said: The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy – for a growth that gives back more than it takes away. It shows how to transform our way of living and working, of producing and consuming so that we live healthier and make our businesses innovative. We can all be involved in the transition and we can all benefit from the opportunities. We will help our economy to be a global leader by moving first and moving fast. We are determined to succeed for the sake of this planet and life on it – for Europe's natural heritage, for biodiversity, for our forests and our seas. By showing the rest of the world how to be sustainable and competitive, we can convince other countries to move with us.'

Some elements of the European Green Deal.

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