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Andy Xie - 2018 will be volatile because liquidity is not there

Andy Xie is former Morgan Stanley star chief Asia-Pacific economist - now independent. Very smart. Here are some of his wise words:

  • Commenting on the bubble in the global financial markets, this year the market is going to be volatile as liquidity is not there.

  • "West is becoming a destabilising force. It is an unfortunate reality we have to live with for long".

  • According to Xie, the key for all developing economies in East Asia is to trade among themselves to become richer.

  • "Business as usual approach will not work anymore. All economies will have to think differently and create their own roadmap for creating economies of scale and efficient as only this can lead to wealth creation as has been done by China," Xie added.

The point Andy is making about lack of liquidity is very important - and consistent with comments from Louis-Vincent Gave and Charlie Aitken.

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