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Would you like to save on household electricity bills?

Here is a government web site to make it easy to shop around for gas and electricity prices.

Everyone's electricity prices (on the east coast of Australia) have gone up a lot over the last 5 years. It clearly is a complex and compound problem BUT .....

  • your only electricity expenses.

  • I recently checked with ClickEnergy (our supplier) and was able to get a ~22% discount. We had switched to ClickEnergy about 5 years ago, and had got a 10% discount. The point is - if you thought you negotiated a good electricity discount a few years ago, then much better discounts are available now. And if you ask your current supplier, they will probably just give you the higher discount.

  • I noticed recently that Alinta (currently a major west coast electricity supplier) is wishing to break into the east coast market and is offering 25% discounts.

  • Point is: There are some simple things you can do to save a fair bit of money.

And here is Alinta's offer of 25% discount for electricity (Qld only I think).

Government energy price comparator

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