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Novavax COVID vaccine

After the AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID vaccines at 19/Apr/21, the next COVID vaccine that seems likely to be available to Australians is the Novavax vaccine.

Some information about the Novavax vaccine:-

28/May/21 Anne de Gheest COVID Clinical update  

  • This seems therefore a real possibility as a booster for Aussies who have the AstraZeneca vaccine now.
AnneDG_Novavax_210528.png    1/July/2021    2-Aug-21

  • "New focus on vaccine boosters"

  • "In addition to the further Pfizer doses, Australia is expecting 51 million doses of the Novavax vaccine to start arriving by the end of this year. Minister Hunt said last Thursday the Novavax vaccine doses would be ‘ready to be used as a booster as well’."

"Novavax | How does Novavax work?" 14-Jul-21  

NovaVax effectiveness against delta 210828.JPG
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