Rising interest rates 2021

7/4/2021 In countries like USA and Australia, interest rates are now rising

In his 3/April/2021 update, Jon Pain says: "Take a look at the December 2023 euro dollar futures contract, which tells us where the market thinks 3-month $ rates will be in December 2023. To calculate the implied 3-month $ rate you do the following calculation...100 minus 98.725, which equals 1.275%, and implies quite a few increases in the federal funds rate."

BB comment: In other words, the chart below is showing that by the end of 2023, "the market" is of the view that US cash rates will rise by about 1.25% - and clearly as each day passes, the market is pricing in higher and higher US cash rates by end of 2023.  And if the US rates cash rates by 1.25% by the end of 2023, then one would also expect that Australian RBA cash rates will also do something similar.

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