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COVID Travel restrictions

Applying for an exemption to depart from Australia

COVID Passports Your key to "access" in a COVID world.

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  • 10/May/21 ‘Roadmap’ to reopening international travel hinges on three ‘principles’, health minister says


    • There are “three principles” on a roadmap to reopening Australia to the rest of the world, Health Minister Greg Hunt says.

      • “Firstly, around the notion of green lanes, with New Zealand initially where that is working well ... and that capacity can be expanded to the Pacific, possibly Singapore or possibly to other countries.

      • “Secondly, there is the vaccination program itself, and the spread of vaccination, the growing numbers we are seeing.

      • Thirdly, what we are also looking at with regards to the opening of borders, is that progressive capacity, based on medical advice for those that have been vaccinated to have easier passage out and easier passage in.”

  • "Morrison’s domestic ‘vaccine passport’ plan premature: premiers"  24/May/2021

    • Faced with strong opposition from state premiers, Scott Morrison has walked back plans for vaccine passport-style permits (18/May/21) to allow Australians to travel across domestic borders during future COVID-19 lockdowns. The Prime Minister had flagged a proposal to be considered at next week’s meeting of national cabinet, but Gladys Berejiklian, Annastacia Palaszczuk and Mark McGowan quickly called the move premature.    

    • “It seems to be the federal government is putting up these ideas and it’s taking time to be implemented. It’s contingent on everyone agreeing and more people want to see Australia opening internally when it’s safe to do so and then internationally when vaccinations are more complete.”

    • Home Affairs Department boss Michael Pezzullo told Senate estimates a digital passenger declaration system for international arrivals was due to be trialled by early 2022. The system will have capability to validate travellers’ vaccination status on arrival in Australia.

    • Queensland announced plans to open 14 community vaccination hubs, as the Palaszczuk government called on 40-to- 49-year-olds to sign up for the Pfizer vaccine.

  • Australia COVID: National cabinet races to fix quarantine flaws 29/Jun/21

    • "As frustrated premiers rounded on the Morrison government over the slow pace of the vaccine rollout, states and territories continued to tighten restrictions to stave off a possible second national wave of infections. Following the meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated decisions on easing quarantine requirements and allowing people who had been vaccinated not to be as affected by restrictions would not be made until next year."

  • Australia's four-phase pathway out of Covid-Normalisation  2/July/21

    • Phase 1. “Vaccinate, prepare, and pilot

      • Under stage one, the international arrivals cap will be reduced by 50%, to cope with the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant and “reduce pressure” on the hotel quarantine system. It is expected the reduction will be in place until at least the end of the year.

      • At the same time, some states will trial a system where returned vaccinated travellers will be able to quarantine at home for only seven days, rather than 14 days in a hotel.

    • Phase 2. Vaccinated travellers have greater freedom to travel.

      • Under phase two the international arrivals cap would be restored to previous levels for unvaccinated travellers, with a separate, larger cap for vaccinated travellers.

      • Under the second phase, Morrison said that lockdowns would only occur “in extreme circumstances”. Vaccinated residents would also have eased restrictions under any lockdown, or similar rules.

      • On Friday, Morrison said we would “possibly” be at phase two in 2022.

    • Phase 3. COVD treated like any other infectious disease.

      • Under phase three, there would be no lockdowns, no cap on returning vaccinated travellers, and no domestic restrictions for vaccinated residents. There could also be a travel bubble with countries like Singapore.

    • Phase 4. Return to a pre-pandemic normal  

      • Pre- and post-flight testing for people arriving in Australia.

The road map to opening up the Australian_economy.


  • 6/Aug/21 "Desperate to travel? Here’s what you need to know".   This includes "Where are ‘vaccine passports’ up to in Australia?"


    • Re COVID Vaccine Passports:

      • "AstraZeneca and Pfizer remain by far the two most widely accepted vaccines on the international stage, according to recent modelling done by The Economist.   However, the EU is not recognising AstraZeneca doses made in India, throwing up hurdles to millions of prospective travellers including those in Britain. A similar issue may loom with Australia-made doses, although the government is working on mutual recognition with foreign counterparts."

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