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Typical Clients

Central characteristics of our clients

Puzzle clients tend to be people who have accumulated significant investment assets or who are motivated and on track to do so. These people tend to fit into one or more of the following patterns.

  • Generally these people wish to have the knowledge to understand and control their financial and investment strategy.

  • Our clients tyically recognise who recognise we face huge and unusual investment risks. (Savvy well-read.)

  • Our clients typically have a lot of investment experience – and have used advisors before – and who know what it is they want and don't want in an advisor.

We also look after a set of people who are looking for an ethical, experienced, unconflicted advisor and where the person might not fit the above categories – but where there is a strong trust link – typically via a long-term client in one of the other categories below.

  • About 40% of our client base fit this description including professionals, divorcees, widows.

Note: We do not provide centrelink/social security advice.

Subcategories of clients

Engineers & investors from similar such disciplines. (Detailed questioners wanting control.)
  • One segment of investor that is prominent among our clients are engineers and investors in similar precise disciplines. Why?

    • Typically engineers ask many tough questions of advisors. Such clients and are looking for an advisor who could provide detailed, well-argued, well-researched, thoughtful, clear answers to such questions. Most advisors cannot cope with such detailed questioning and so it would seem that that very few advisors provide the calibre of service that engineers require. However, engineers (and similar people from the hard disciplines) seem to feel very comfortable with the information-rich service from Puzzle.

Business People. (Capable Delegators)
  • Very capable business people are attracted to our service. Often these people have more than enough skill, competence and experience to manage their own portfolio for themselves but seek to delegate this role to a trusted advisor because:

    • They are very busy people, with a full life of demanding activities that requires their attention and they do not have to manage their portfolios.

    • Or are retired – and don't wish to spend all their retirement managing their own portfolio.

  • Who are very capable in their own specialisation AND

  • Who wish to learn how to become a good investor.

Young intelligent people on high incomes. (Quick learners but learning the investment ropes.)
  • For this group:

    • we are mainly looking to ensure that they are relatively self-sufficient

    • a major part of what we provide is a sharp learning curve to be educated to be savvy investors

Disciplined savers
  • People who have already demonstrated the discipline to save and accumulate significant assets.

  • Typically these people are looking for an advisor that can help them best utilise and protect their savings.

IThese people know how the advice industry works with all its conflicts of interest. This group of clients appreciate the way we have sought to minimise and eliminate conflicts of interest.


We do not provide Centrelink/social security advice.

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