Inflation at 4% in 2021 - Russell Napier

Russell Napier: "Most investors just look at the narrow money aggregates and central bank balance sheets. But if you look at broad money, you notice that it has been growing very slowly by historical standards for the past 30 or so years. There were many factors pushing down the rate of inflation over that time, China being the most important, but I do believe that the low level of broad money growth was one of the factors that led to low inflation." This has now changed. "We are currently in the worst recession since World War II, and yet we observe the fastest growth in broad money in at least three decades. In the US, M2, the broadest aggregate available, is growing at more than 23%. You’

Warning the US share market will crash

"We are all quite aware that this will end badly". This chart provides a stark fundamentally-based warning that the US share market is going to crash Quotes from this article: What the Federal Reserve’s ongoing interventions have done, and continue to do, is push portfolio managers to chase performance despite concerns of potential capital loss. We have all become “fully invested bears” as we are all quite aware that this will end badly, but no one is willing to take the risk of being grossly underexposed to Central Bank interventions. Famed Morgan Stanley strategist Gerard Minack said once (recently): “The funny thing is there is a disconnect between what investors are saying and what they

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