Four late cycle signs - MFS

MFS Investment Management:- Mr Swanson, who joined MFS in 1985, admits you can't time cycles, but looking for signs can "give you a sense of how far you are from the waterfall". He pointed to four signals that have put him on higher alert: One is that a third of all companies in the Russell 2000 index "don't actually make money". "A lot of that is because of disruption and tech companies, but it is a bit disturbing. This is late cycle behaviour, and if you cut corporate taxes it doesn't help companies that aren't making money." Another indicator is a run up in margin lending by US share market investors to levels not seen since 1928. "People seem to have forgotten that stocks can go down b

Where are we in the cycle of the debt bubble? Ray Dalio

The US market is in 7th innings of 9 in the current debt bubble says Ray Dalio, one of the most successful (ever) hedge fund managers. The closest parallel equivalent in other debt bubbles is ~1935. grim stuff ahead. Who is Ray Dalio? [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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